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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

The waffle is a delicacy enjoyed by many. A multitude of waffle varieties are available for our enjoyment: Brussels waffles, Liège waffles, filled waffles and wafers.

Whether in a café, restaurant, funfair stand or ice-cream parlour, catering professionals will appreciate the presence of a waffle maker.

The professional waffle maker, a key element in any establishment offering succulent waffles.

Our professional waffle makers

All our equipment complies with current European Union food hygiene standards (CE).

Our waffle makers have been studied and designed to simplify your waffle preparation as much as possible, while giving priority to performance and the number of waffles you can make per hour.

Whether you’re looking for a Disney waffle maker for Mickey-shaped waffles, a double waffle maker or a semi-professional waffle maker, you’re sure to find one to suit your needs!

Professional Waffle Maker

Our Bubble Waffle Makers are ideal for preparing bubble waffles, the famous spherical waffles native to Hong Kong street food.

Although little known to the French public at large, it remains an exquisite recipe that the French and the rest of the French-speaking world owe it to themselves to discover!

This is the perfect recipe for turning it into an ice cream cone. You can also serve it as a dessert or savory dish, topping it with a variety of foods such as strawberries, green tea, chocolate, coconut, cheese and sweet potatoes!

With so many possibilities, it’s a great way to expand your menu with just one piece of equipment!

A great addition to any fairground, food truck or ice cream stand!

Industrial Waffle Maker

When you’re running a waffle stand, you need to be fast, efficient and on several fronts at once.

We’re fully aware of these criteria, and to meet them, all our machines have been studied and designed to produce a maximum number of waffles per hour within a given timeframe.

Whether it’s an adjustable temperature, a timer, a non-stick coating to keep waffles intact and at the right temperature, ergonomic handles that are easy to hold, or the ability to rotate the grids 180 degrees to cook waffles evenly. Nothing is left to chance!

Low-cost professional products

Most of the time, waffle makers are overpriced, and it’s sometimes hard to find a cheap waffle maker, which can make it hard to get your business off the ground and sustain it over the long term.

At Waffle maker we don’t want to leave anyone behind, and we want to make the creation of confectionery stands accessible to as many people as possible!

To achieve this goal, we offer you over 40 models at reasonable prices and free standard delivery.

Which Professional Waffle Maker to choose?

You can choose from a range of professional waffle makers to suit your needs.

Before choosing a waffle maker, you need to determine how many uses you’re going to make, your budget and also plan approximately how many waffles you could sell across all your fields of action.

Lightweight, individual models are ideal for a small-scale activity, such as a student making ends meet on a small square.

As for the heavier models, they are capable of baking two to 4 waffles simultaneously, and feature a wide range of options. Ideal for professionals running full-time stalls at fairs and festivals.

Our brand

Our brand offers you a wide range of professional waffle makers, whether electric or gas-powered, to suit your needs.

Our waffle makers are perfectly suited to professional, intensive use.

All our models are also easy to use. We have the widest range of waffle irons at the best prices, based on the advice of professionals, showmen and other confectioners.

Discover them now!

Our Family Waffle Makers

Are you a private individual looking for a waffle maker for occasional use? Discover our collection of waffle makers for the general public! You’ll find cheaper models to suit your needs!